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As a participant at the ETAI 2013 Conference, you have the possibility to use accommodation with privileged conditions in the hotel Resort Metropol. The conference itself will be held in the same hotel. The ETAI’s conference organization committee has signed a special agreement for reduced accommodation costs.
We kindly inform you that, to be able to use the benefits of the accommodation, you will have to make an in-time reservation. When performing the reservation it is necessary to point out that you are a participant at the conference ETAI 2013. The contacts for the reservation are given below, at the end of the text.
Due to the large number of guests and participants at the conference, if you decide to stay in the hotel complex Metropol, our recommendation is to perform the reservation as soon as possible.

The ETAI 2013 Conference will be held in the hotel Metropol (lectures and accommodation) in the Metropol Lake Resort - Ohrid (
Phone: +(389) 46 203001 or +(389) 46 277660
Fax: +(389) 46 277212

Ohrid ( is one of the oldest cities in the Balkan Peninsula and one of the oldest human settlements in Europe, a city with tremendous natural and cultural treasure left by the numerous civilizations that have set their foot in the region. Spread by the shores of the wonderful Lake Ohrid, at the footfills of the national park Galicica, Ohrid is a city where every step leads you to evidence of the rich Macedonian history.

Ohrid is a vivid city existing over 2000 years, referred to as 'Jerusalem' of the Balkans and representing Macedonia's entire church history. Built mainly between the 7th and 19th centuries, it has the oldest Slav monastery (St Pantelejmon) and more than 800 Byzantine-style icons dating from the 11th to the end of the 14th century. After those of the Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, this is considered to be the most important collection of icons in the world. One of Ohrid's most famous buildings is the Dome of Saint Bogorodica Perivlepta which was built back in 1298. Visiting this remarkable monument is truly an experience not to be missed. Other outstanding churches, out of 356 each for one day in a year, are Saint Sophia Church, Saint Pantelejmon Plaoshnik and Saint Jovan Kaneo Church.

Ohrid is one of the cities recognized by the UNESCO as treasure for humanity for which the cultural and natural heritage of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were in 1989 placed under the UNESCO's protection. Ohrid's major attractions are all located within a remarkably concentrated and eminently walkable area, among and above the narrow streets of the Old Town, itself lined with restaurants and cafes perfectly suited for relaxing on cool summer evenings. Ohrid's many coffee bars and nightclubs also make for vibrant nightlife.

Ohrid Lake is one of Europe's deepest and according to most experts the oldest lake in Europe, preserving a unique aquatic ecosystem with more than 200 endemic species that is of worldwide importance. Maximum depth of the lake is 288 m and it covers an area of 358 km2. The Ohrid Lake belongs to a group of Dessaret basins that originated from a geotectonic depression during the Pliocene epoch up to five million years ago on the western side of the Dinaric Alps. Worldwide, there are only a few lakes with similarly remote origins with Lake Baikal and Lake Tanganyika being the most famous.

The full range of water sports, fishing and boating is available, and numerous churches alongside Ohrid's lake shores make for fascinating side trips. One must experience Ohrid, to see its colors, to feel its scent and taste, to dive not only into the lake, but also into the depths of the spirit of Macedonians that have for centuries created culture and preserved their identity despite all historical turbulences. No words can express the beauty and riches of Ohrid.

How to get to Ohrid

Flying to Skopje
The main airport in Macedonia is in Skopje ( which has regular connection with the airports in Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, Zurich, etc. There are regular bus lines from Skopje to Ohrid ( every day. The buses run regularly from 5 AM to midnight, with irregular service during the late night hours.

Flying to Ohrid
Ohrid has an international airport about 7 km from city center which connects Ohrid with Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Tel Aviv, Vienna, and Amsterdam (, but with reduced number of flights.

Getting to the hotel
Ohrid Bus Summer Timetable
Ohrid (main bus station) - St.Naum
Period: 1 June - 31 August
6:00; 8:00; 9:30; 11:00; 12:15; 15:30; 17:00; 18:30; 20:30

St. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and information Technologies - Skopje

IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE Communications Society Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE joint chapter CAS/CIS/CS (Circuit And Systems, Computational Intelligence and Control Systems) as part of the IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE Signal Processing Society Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Republic of Macedonia Section


St. Clement Ohridski University of Bitola

Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola

Engineers Institution of the Republic of Macedonia

Ministry of education and science